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Window Glass Replacement and Glazing Melbourne

Matthew’s Glass is Melbourne’s most trusted Glass and Glazing Specialist. We take care of window glass, mirrors, glass splashbacks installations as, well as glass repair and window glass replacement in Melbourne.From glass splashbacks for kitchens to bathrooms, we design and install glass for domestic and commercial customers and projects.We are a one stop shop for all your glass needs.


If you’re looking for a better Shower screen installation, Mirror installation & Kitchen glass splashbacks service across Melbourne we’ve got the affordable and attractive solution.

Matthew’s Glass can provide standard or custom designs in a number of colour’s, finishes and sizes to suit your style and budget. We offer installations of all sorts, from mirrors to splashbacks; modifications and upgrades to all existing installations, and mirror, splashback and window glass replacements melbourne.

Our extensive products also include framed and frameless shower screens, long-lasting quality mirrors and a range of different coloured glass splashbacks, and are available to all our customers thanks to our affordable and competitive prices.

Our highly qualified staff can fit all our products to existing or new buildings, both private and commercial, with minimum fuss or disruption. To contact Melbourne’s most trusted glass and glazing specialist for all your glass installations, repairs and window glass replacements melbourne, call us today for a no obligation FREE quote. We are available 24/7 and can travel all over Melbourne.

Crystal Clear Craftsmanship: Glass and Glazing Services

Glass and glazing services are essential for a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial needs. These services involve the installation, repair, and maintenance of various glass products, including windows, doors, mirrors, shower enclosures, glass partitions, storefronts, and more. Here are some key aspects of glass and glazing services:


  1. Window Installation and Replacement: Glass and glazing professionals specialize in installing and replacing windows of all types, including single-pane, double-pane, and energy-efficient windows. They ensure proper fitting, insulation, and security, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of buildings.
  2. Glass Repair and Replacement: Glass and glazing services also involve repairing or replacing broken or damaged glass panels, windows, or doors. Professionals assess the damage, provide suitable solutions, and ensure the finished work matches the original specifications.
  3. Shower Enclosures: Glass and glazing professionals at Matthews Glass specialize in designing and installing stylish and functional shower enclosures. They offer a variety of options, such as frameless, semi-frameless, or framed shower doors, tailored to fit different bathroom layouts and design preferences.
  4. Glass Partitions and Walls: Glass partitions and walls are popular in commercial spaces, offering a modern and open feel while providing privacy and noise reduction. Glass and glazing services include the installation of glass dividers, office partitions, conference room enclosures, and more.
  5. Storefronts and Commercial Glazing: Glass and glazing companies cater to the needs of businesses by installing and maintaining attractive storefronts and commercial glazing systems. This includes entrance doors, windows, curtain walls, and glass facades that enhance visibility, branding, and security. 

Glass and glazing services provide vital solutions for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Whether it is for residential, commercial, or industrial projects, consulting with experienced professionals at Matthews Glass ensures quality craftsmanship, proper installation, and efficient maintenance of glass products.