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Safety glass

The inherent waterproof nature and durability of heat resistant toughened safety glass splashback’s cannot be understated. A toughened safety glass splashback requires less maintenance and outlasts most other architectural finishes. Glass splashback’s are easy to clean and don’t harbour germs or bacteria. As well as offering structural strength and durability, glass splashback’s are also non-porous.
Individual Finishes for your Decor

Matthew’s Glass can supply glass splashbacks with finishes that are as individual as your imagination. We utilize computer colour-matching technology with a unique additive that can be applied to almost every type of glass. Add to this a range of metallic and pearlescent finishes as well as textured decorator coatings, and there is next to nothing that can’t be achieved.

The myriad of colour choice allows you to enhance your kitchen decor or make a bold statement.

Starfire glass

While both clear glass and starfire glass are considered low iron; Starfire glass contains much less iron than clear glass and therefore less greenness. This results in a truer brighter representation of your chosen colour.

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