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Q: Why choose Matthews Glass?

Experts in Glass Splashbacks, with over 20 years’ experience and hundreds of new and unique products never before seen.

Q: Benefits of Glass Splashback’s over tiles?

No grout joints means no mould and mildew – just clean, hygienic surfaces

Q: How should your wall be prepared for a Glass Splashback?

a) Walls should be fairly smooth and flat with no protrusions. It can be applied to brick plasterboard, MDF, concrete, gyprock or tiles
b) Kitchen, Bench tops and power points installed
c) If glass is to be fitted under range hood, mounting points need to be marked or fitted to the wall
d) Other fittings: phones, rails, shelves need to be marked or fitted on wall

Q: What are the lead times?

15 days from signed contract for Glass Splashbacks

Q: What colour’s can I choose from?

Please click here to view our colour range available.

Q: Difference between Starfire glass and Clear glass?

All glass contains a certain amount of iron (green colour). Starfire glass has much less iron than Clear and therefore less greenness. It therefore gives a truer representation of your chosen colour. While both are considered low iron glass, we believe that Starfire shows the colour’s that you choose to be brighter and more exact than on Clear glass.

Q: How big can my Splashback be?

Maximum measurements for a single splashback panel are 4000mm in length and 2100mm in height

Q: How do I know it’s safe?

While some companies don’t toughen all panels of the splashback, at Matthews Glass, every sheet of glass is toughened to the highest safety standards. By toughening the glass, our product is five times stronger than un-toughened glass. It is also more heat resistant, resulting in a safer and more durable product

Q: Warranty?

Matthews Glass have a 7 year limited warranty, covering workmanship, discoloration, delamination and thermal breakage in accordance with relevant Australian Standards.

Q: Payments?

Cash, bank cheque on delivery. A deposit is required when placing your order.

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