Regular cleaning
Interior glass needs more cleaning than the exterior glass. Truth of the matter is, without cleaning, it gets too dirty to be impressive. Each day, it is exposed to different kinds of dirt and seeing as it is in close contact with people, the impact is huge. Everything from dust to oil and dirt from the hands is a contributing factor. As such, regular cleaning, at least twice a day is a necessity.

Avoid contact with hard surfaces
Even while cleaning, you must make sure that you avoid making contact with any hard surfaces. At the end of the day, even though it is reinforced to withstand a considerable amount of force, it is still glass and it is still very fragile. With sufficient force from a hard surface, it could still shatter quite easily. As such, you should always handle it with extreme care by avoiding contact with any hard surface. On the same note, it is a good idea to avoid throwing anything at it.

Avoid scratching the glass
If you have kids, make sure that they do not scratch the glass with anything. The markings left on the glass destroy the aesthetic value and make it harder to clean out the dirt that collects in them. At the same time, considerable scratching could render the glass weaker than it is supposed to be.

Do not light flames close to it
Keep flames away from your interior glass. Glass might withstand a high amount of heat but it will become dirty and weak after continued exposure. On the same breath, in case you expose it to heat and then it comes into contact with cold water, it might crack or shatter.

Carry out regular checks and maintenance
It is important that you conduct regular check and maintenance on the glass. Replace any cracked glass partitions and check for weak points.

Understandably, some of these may seem like common knowledge but they are also some of the easiest things to ignore. Paying attention to every detail, however minute, is an important aspect of taking care of interior glass partitions.For more check out our glass replacement Melbourne.

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