Proofing against the elements
Weatherproofing is one way of prolonging the life of your glass and window and increasing the energy efficiency of your home. There are a number of ways to achieve this including, but not limited to;

  • Utilising the use of sealant foam on the edge of the glass to reinforce the seal and prevent leakage through the window.
  • Hanging drapes that are sufficiently heavy around the window also helps in sealing up the window and reducing leakage.
  • Using a protective film for insulation is also a great way of weatherproofing

Window frame repair
This is perhaps the best and easiest way of protecting the glass. Depending on the material used for your window frame, you will need to employ different techniques for your maintenance efforts to be as effective as you would wish for them to be. Wooden frames nee the most maintenance to prevent against rot. Some of the techniques you could use include:

  • Repainting the window frame should be an effective way of preventing against damage from rot or rust.
  • Cleaning the window frame using a detergent and keeping the dirt and dust off it, is yet another effective way of maintaining and prolonging the life of your window frame.
  • In some instances, if the damage is too extensive, you might have to replace parts of or the whole frame.

Glass checksCarrying out regular checks on your glass is an effective way of ensuring that you remain aware and act effectively against any damage. Some of the checks you should carry out include checking for any signs that the glass is chipping, checking for signs of strain and cracking. Repairs or replacement might have to be implemented as the situation warrants.

Regular cleaning is one of the easiest ways of maintaining you windows and glass. It is important that you use only recommended cleaning agents to avoid causing damage to the window. Cleaning also presents you with a great opportunity to check for any signs of damage to the glass and windows. Extreme cleaning might be equally damaging to your window and glass.

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