24/7 Emergency Service

That is where we come in. Offering 24 hour emergency glass repair, we are always ready to provide our service at any time. In the event that you are put in a position that requires that you carry put immediate glass repair, then all you have to do is put a call through to us. The service is offered regardless of the time of day or night to ensure that you get the most convenience that we can offer as professionals.

Experienced Professionals

Our professionals here at Matthew’s Glass and Glazing are always at the ready to deal with any calls put through for emergency repair. With their years of experience dealing with similar types of repairs, you can be sure that the job will be handles not just with competence but also professionalism. As mentioned, it is an emergency service so rest assured that time is our greatest concern in these scenarios. We take great pride in customer satisfaction, which is why we guarantee the problem will be dealt with in the shortest time possible. The service also factors in the fact that time is of the essence and that you might not want our professionals lingering around for too long. We understand this fact and hope to deliver our services in the least affective way possible. This is especially true for office buildings.

Able to Handle All Situations

The emergency glass repair service is offered for both residential and commercial customers. Therefore, whether you are at your residence, or office building, you can count on us to deliver the emergency glass repair service as promptly as possible.

Request Your Service

To request the service, all you have to do is call our office and explain your situation. Of course you might have zero knowledge on the type of glass or its measurements, which is where our qualified and capable customer service comes in. Our customer care operatives are there to guide you through the entire process from the time that you call to the time you get the repair handled. Competence and speed without compromising on quality service delivery are our goals. For more check out our glass replacement in Melbourne.

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