• Weather damage

Weather damage results from excessive exposure to the elements leading to wear. This results in weakening the insulation and energy efficient functions of the window. Various techniques exist that you could employ against window and glass damage from the weather. These include using a protective or insulation film around the glass, especially in places where it comes into contact with the frame of the window. Another technique is the use of a special sealant foam to reinforce the window seal. A number of acceptable adhesives that you could use also exist.

  • Shock damage

Shock damage could result from a hard hit from something or an earthquake. While there is no way of completely protecting against shock damage, avoiding direct hits to the glass is an effective way. A sturdy window frame, with shock absorbent properties is also an effective way of preventing against this type of damage.

  • Projectile damage

The glass sustains a projectile damage after it is struck by something travelling at a considerably high speed. A safety glass film might help absorb the force of the projectile. Installing reinforced glass is also another technique that could protect against this type of damage. Certain types of glass also exist that are designed effectively to absorb tremendous force.

  • Shatter damage

After the glass in a window breaks or cracks, often it just shatters. This could be a great safety hazard, especially where children are involved. Having a protective film covering the glass, as well as reinforcing it could protect against this.

  • Burglar proofing

Burglar proofing your window involves installing measures that could make it difficult for a burglar to get through. One of the most used techniques is having a metal bar frame covering the window from its exterior. You can also use reinforced glass and a hardened window frame to protect against burglars.

  • Scratch proofing

Scratch proofing protects the glass against damage from scratches. One technique is avoiding the use of abrasive material while cleaning the class. The best technique however is installing scratch resistant glass or using a protective film on your window.

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