Designate a timeline
Seeing as it might be difficult to carry out extensive checks on a daily basis, it is important that you set apart a time for this. That then marks your timeline. You could for instance decide to carry out a safety check every three, six or even twelve months, as is convenient for you.

Check for signs of strain
One of the things that you need to check for, are signs of strain on the glass. This might be in the form of a crack or a change in the way the glass reflects light as compared to other areas. The areas most susceptible to strain are those that come into regular contact with fixed surfaces, such as where the glass is fixed to the window or door frame.

Check for air leaks
They may not be easy to check for but they are an important part of your safety check. If there is an air leak, it means that the glass is coming undone and that could only mean that sooner or later, it will come off. You can easily prevent this by redoing the seal and preventing further leakage.

Check for elemental damage
Unpredictable weather might result in damage to the glass. The elements could be quite harsh resulting in strain or damage to the glass. As such, it is important, especially after an event such as a storm that you carry out an assessment of the damage. Signs of wear and excessive strain will be evident on the material holding the glass in place, or in the glass itself.

Set aside a budget for professional inspection
Even with your best efforts and intentions, it might still be quite difficult to notice everything. That is unless you have a trained eye that knows exactly what to look for. As such, set aside a budget that will cater for the professional’s charges. You do not have to hire a professional at every inspection and you can skip a few. However, hiring a professional might be your best way to not only get a thorough safety check but also to learn about what to look for in your consecutive checks. For more check out our glass replacement services in Melbourne.

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